The Road to Love Project

The Road to Love—a very special, very personal project. Let me tell you about it.  

For the past three years, my family has been struggling to find support services and supervised housing for our young adult son (my stepson) who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and autism in 2020. When we were unable to secure these resources in Florida, my husband and his son relocated to Kansas. For a variety of logistical and personal reasons, I chose to remain in Florida.  

As you can imagine, I’m leaving a lot of unsaid—partly because this isn’t about generating sympathy and partly to respect my family’s privacy—but what I hope people will understand is the profound impact this situation has had on our family has a whole, my husband and I as a couple, and each of us as individuals. Our lives, our relationships, our finances, our lifestyle, our options have been upended.  

In these life-changing situations, you eventually reach a point where you have to decide if you’re going to be a victim or a survivor. Me? I want to be a thriver.  

Fast-forward through months of introspection with the caregiving situation still unresolved, and that brings us to the start of my new journey: The Road to Love. Starting in January 2024, I’ll be spending one month in twelve different cities, working as a digital nomad while immersing myself in my temporary community. I’ll then write a contemporary romance that showcases the details unique to each destination.  

Want to come along for the ride of a lifetime? You can join my Facebook group or follow me and my co-pilot, Dickens, on social media for a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road, the places I visit, the friends I meet, and the discoveries I make about myself, life, and—of course—love.   Are you ready? Let’s go!